Mass Effect 4 revealed, possible storyline teased

BioWare and Electronic Arts have confirmed during the Game Awards 2020 that Mass Effect 4 is currently in the works. Since there are limited details about the new chapter of the military sci-fi franchise, some fans have already created theories and projections as to what they could expect in the next sequel.

The first official teaser trailer of Mass Effect 4 showed Liara, who appeared to be older than she was in the previous installment of the main series. Rumors are rife that she could be an Asari Matriarch in the next chapter.

Fans have also noticed multiple moons in the teaser, which suggests that Liara is not on Earth. At one point, there were even three figures spotted in the background, which appeared to be Angaran, which means Mass Effect 4 might take place in Andromeda.

In fact, BioWare Project Director Michael Gamble has said that gamers should not think that Andromeda would be entirely abandoned in the next installment. However, Gamble also stirred confusion among gamers when he said that the trailer shows a character walking over the corpse of a Reaper, which is non-existent in Andromeda.

Gamble’s conflicting statements made fans think that Mass Effect 4 would somehow be a continuation of both Mass Effect: Andromeda and Mass Effect 3. It would not come as a surprise, since the teaser trailer of the upcoming game showed both galaxies.

To recall, most Mass Effect 3 endings suggest the demise of Commander Shepard and the defeat of the Reapers. But with Liara finding the N7 armor of the franchise’s main character in the trailer, it could be a hint that Shepard survived the events of the previous installment.

However, it is still possible that Commander Shepard had bid his last goodbye in Mass Effect 3. Most players recall that in the “Control the Reapers” ending, Shepard’s consciousness was integrated into an AI system after his physical form was destroyed.

Reports have it that the “Synthesize” and “Rejection” endings were, most likely, not followed, especially since Liara looked well and alive in the most recent teaser. She also did not have cyborg features at all.

BioWare might continue the “Destroy” ending wherein the Mass Relay system and all machine life in the galaxy were abolished. Liara is also expected to continue Shepard’s legacy and perhaps find out that her love interest has survived the death rattle.

Should the game developer choose to go down this path, players could expect the entire human race to rebuild everything from scratch, which opens the door to a lot of possible stories and plotlines. Mass Effect 4 could also give gamers a sense of continuity that was not existent in Andromeda.

Earlier this month, Gamble revealed that some people who worked on the original Mass Effect trilogy would return to help develop the upcoming new game. Derek Watts would be back as art director while Parrish Ley would take the cinematic director seat anew. Dusty Everman and Brenon Holmes are rejoining the team as well.

Mass Effect 4 is reported to be released sometime in 2021, meanwhile here the official teaser trailer from EA.

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