Microsoft Edge Kids Mode gives parents better control of their kids browsing

There is nothing that a parent wants more than to keep their children safe at all times. This includes ensuring that their online activities are secure, as well. The Internet is a diverse space saturated with tons of content and information, much of which are not exactly child-friendly. If you are a parent, you would typically want your child to avoid inappropriate content. While you can’t exactly filter out every single thing your child might encounter online, you can somewhat regulate it. That’s what the new Microsoft Edge Kids Mode will allow you to do.

Recently, Microsoft has been revamping its Edge web browser, and it has been working doubly hard to attract users. The new Kids Mode is part of Microsoft’s efforts to convert users, and it hopes that this new feature will do the trick.

Using Edge Kids Mode, parents will be able to keep tabs on the sites their children visit and see the types of content they consume online. The feature is free, and it is readily available on both Windows and macOS versions of Microsoft Edge. If you wish to activate it, you simply need to head to the upper right corner of your Edge browser, click on the user profile menu, and select “Browse in Kids Mode”. You will then be given two options to choose from: a version made for children aged five to eight, and another version made for children aged nine to 12 years old. (Read: Yes, online communities pose risks for young people, but they are also important sources of support)

Both versions of Edge Kids Mode have the most secure tracking prevention, and Bing SafeSearch is enabled to lessen the chances of inappropriate content popping up. The key difference between the two Kids Mode versions is that the one meant for older children has a newsfeed that showcases articles from MSN for Kids. According to Microsoft, the articles cover a wide variety of fun, kid-friendly topics, and they do not focus on global news and politics.

Children are also restricted from visiting certain sites when on Kids Mode. They do, however, have access to an estimate of 70 sites for children, all of which are fun, educational, and child-appropriate. Kids are also blocked from visiting any site that isn’t part of their approved list of websites, and they will be given a prompt saying that they need to ask permission from an adult to gain access to the site. If you wish to add more sites, you may do so manually.

Internet safety has become a pressing issue over the years, especially since many children across the globe are exposed to the Internet at a very young age. The coronavirus pandemic has led to a surge in Internet activity, and many kids have taken to using mobile and other types of digital devices to catch their school lessons, chat with their friends, and escape boredom while being quarantined in their homes. The new Edge Kids Mode is a step in ensuring that a child’s online world is safe and secure, and it will be a big help to parents everywhere.

Microsoft’s corporate VP Liat Ben-Zur has dubbed Edge Kids Mode a “game-changer for parents who are juggling all the demands of life today.” The feature has been designed to be extremely user-friendly to parents and engaging enough for children, so all can have the best possible user experience on Edge.

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