Mobile fighting game Vita Fighters coming to PC via Steam

Ranida Games is bringing their mobile fighting game Vita Fighters to PC via Steam. The game borrows heavily from anime, pop culture, and traditional fighting games. Originally a mobile-only release, players will soon be able to play an updated game on PC, which adds six new characters and five new stages.

The plot of Vita Fighters revolves around a tournament in which hundreds of rejected fighting game characters compete for a chance to appear in a true triple-A fighting game. Vita Fighters has been regularly adding new characters to its roster since it was nominated for the recent SEA Game Awards.

Vita Fighters was designed with player expression and intuitive controls in mind. Meanwhile, keeping with the spirit of the genre, the game’s characters are all based on easily identifiable fighting game tropes and archetypes, allowing players to quickly determine which characters are ideal for them.

With the additional additions to the roster, the game now includes a total of 29 warriors, including a retired pirate named King, an Olympic gold medalist athlete named Hyde, and a prospective baseball player named Sleve.

In a statement, developer “AngryDevs”—a member of the team at Ranida behind Bayani—stated that they were “glad to know that players are having fun and we will continue on adding more features.” (Read: How Ranida Games is fighting hard for Bayani’s release)

In addition, they also confirmed that they were working to bring online play to Vita Fighters on PC. Additional details on the PC version, including whether or not it’ll feature rollback networking to reduce online lag, have yet to be revealed. In the meantime, the mobile version of the game is currently available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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