New Final Fantasy XVI trailer reveals more about the game’s plot

After months of silence, Square Enix dropped a new Final Fantasy XVI trailer tonight. The new trailer gives players more hints about the game’s plot and setting.

The game takes place in Valisthea, a world that resembles an even more fantastic version of Ivalice—the realm popularized by Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII, and visited briefly in Final Fantasy XIV. Valisthea is apparently dying as its crystals start to fade, with the voiceover stating that “We cannot live without the blessing of the crystals.”

The trailer then goes on to highlight the various kingdoms of Valisthea. These are, the Grand Duchy of Rosaria, “a bastion of tradition;” the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, which holds that “ambition is divine;” the Dhalmekian Republic, a nation “where fortune shifts with the desert sands;” the Iron Kingdom, a place “forged in faith and fear” and finally the Kingdom of Waloed, known to be “indomitable in its isolation.”

As hinted at by the previous trailers, each of these kingdoms has its own summon, or “Eikon” as they’re known in-game. Of these, only Rosaria’s is known—the Phoenix. Joshua—one of the first characters introduced in previous trailers—is once again shown summoning this Eikon, seemingly in response to the presence of another Eikon, Ifrit.

Meanwhile, Clive, who was also introduced previously, is shown exploring a place called “the Deadlands” with several other party members.

Beyond all this, a tapestry is shown that seems to feature multiple other Eikons while the voiceover talks about a war between them. How this all plays out will be revealed when Final Fantasy XVI hits PlayStation 5 (as a timed exclusive) in Summer of 2023. (Read: Final Fantasy XVI finally has a release window)

In the meantime, check out the trailer below.

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