Nintendo “Switch Pro” reportedly launching before Christmas

Following last week’s barrage of announcements during a recent Nintendo Direct, an even bigger announcement from Nintendo may be coming soon. According to Bloomberg, rumors of an upgraded Nintendo Switch Pro may be real after all, with the new console arriving before Christmas 2021.

The leaker remained anonymous in Bloomberg’s report but gave details regarding the number of upgrades the supposed new Switch will be receiving.

For starters, the upgraded Nintendo Switch, or Switch Pro as it has been dubbed in some circles, will carry a larger 7-inch OLED display apparently supplied by Samsung Display Co. This is in contrast to the 6.2-inch and 5.5-inch LCD displays that were used for both Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite respectively.

According to Bloomberg, the leaker divulged that Samsung Display Co. will start the “mass production” of the new Nintendo Switch 720p OLED panels by June this year. Their supposed target is to reach reaching a million units produced when the console launches.

The OLED display, which is similar to the displays used in recent iPhones beginning with the iPhone X, is said to bring in a more vibrant range of colors displayed in the screen. As a result, it should be able to show darker blacks, brighter colors and higher contrast across the board while being able to consume less power bringing in energy efficiency and improve the lifespan of Switch batteries.

In addition to the larger screen, the upgraded Switch will supposedly add support for 4K resolutions when docked to a TV or monitor. In their report, Bloomberg Intelligence’s Matthew Kanterman and Nathan Naidu noted that such a move could possibly drive Switch sales “above consensus for the fiscal year ending March 2022” while also extending the platform’s life for “many more years.”

But according to, Switch fans are starting to feel anxious over rumors of an upcoming upgraded Nintendo Switch as insider info has suggested that the new Switch will be receiving exclusives, “especially from third-party partners.” Considering the Switch is only just a year shy from turning five on top of Nintendo having just released the Switch Lite back in 2019, players may not see nor feel the need to upgrade and might end up “to be a pretty unforgiving turnaround” for the Switch fanbase.

Continuing the story of possible game leaks, Another leaker from the ResetEra forum, who goes by the name NateDrake, also confirmed the rumor of at least one Nintendo exclusive along with third-party exclusives coming to the next Switch.

As of this writing, Nintendo has yet to announce the official name nor has given any official announcement of the newest member added to Switch’s roster of hybrid consoles, but as leaks and inside info mounts up, Nintendo may soon reveal the next Switch console which may come as early as Christmas as some reports speculate. Perfect in a time when both console rival PlayStation and Xbox are grappling to meet the demands with their limited supply and the same goes for the PC Master Race as gamers struggle to cash in on the latest hardware.

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