Nintendo Switch users in Japan encounter infamous error code again

Nintendo released a statement earlier this week announcing that it received numerous complaints about errors that customers have encountered in the initial settings of newly bought Nintendo Switch consoles.

The Japanese video game company revealed that the error code “2162-0002” has prevented a number of users from completing the console’s initial settings. Nintendo made it clear, however, that the technical blunder was only experienced by Switch users based in Japan. It assured the complainants that it would be replacing the defective units with brand new ones.

Nintendo expressed its deepest regrets for all the inconvenience and concerns that the error has caused. In the end, it vowed to strive harder in providing quality control in future products.

Meanwhile, Nintendo of America published a page on its official website dedicated to players who experienced the “2162-0002” error. It suggests that players can restart the Nintendo Switch system by simply holding down the power button for three seconds. After that, users should choose Power Options and then select Restart. If the system does not respond, players can force the console to shut down by holding down the power button for 12 seconds. After that, users can turn it on again.

This is not the first time that Switch users have encountered the “2162-0002” error code—three years ago, Nintendo was also plagued with numerous complaints when the Switch system crashed and gave the infamous error code.

A Reddit user claimed that one of his pals got the “2162-0002” error code just a few minutes after he started using his Switch. The player reportedly tried to update and reboot the console to no avail.

While Nintendo offered the player a replacement for the flawed item, the Reddit User expressed concern that the video game giant only had that kind of solution at the time. In addition, game saves, which are stored in the local hard drive, may not be recovered if the bug occurs, which means that a player could lose 20 to 30 hours worth of gameplay without backup.

Meanwhile, Nintendo is rumored to release a console that could rival the recently released PlayStation 5. Computer Bild shared the concept designs for the Nintendo Switch Pro and Nintendo Switch XL.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, the game tech site claimed that the Nintendo Switch XL would sport a larger 4K display with revamped Joy-Cons. The console looks similar to the original Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

The Nintendo Switch Pro, on the other hand, is reported to sport a four-cartridge dock that connects directly to the television. This version, however, is said to be capable of 4K resolution and has two USB-C inputs and silver Joy-Cons.

Nintendo has yet to comment on the development of these potential new consoles.

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