PlayStation 5 launches in the Philippines on December 11

For some time now, PlayStation fans in the Philippines have been wondering when exactly they would be able to get Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5. Now, it seems that they may finally have an answer.

Sony has revealed that the PlayStation 5 will be hitting local shores on December 11, 2020. In addition, Sony has confirmed that the console, or at least the version with an optical drive, will have an SRP of Php 27,990. Meanwhile, the DualSense controller will retail for Php 3,990 and exclusive first-party titles will range in price from Php 2,490 to 3,490.

The announcement ends weeks of speculation that Sony’s ninth-generation console would be delayed to next year in the country. Instead, the Philippines is now just getting it a month behind. In addition, other Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam are also getting the PS5 on the same date.

As for why the console has been delayed by a month in the region, Sony has yet to give any explanation as of press time. That said, the move was most likely done to help avoid possible supply shortages with the console.

The demand for Sony’s upcoming ninth-generation console has been particularly strong. Pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 took only hours to surpass sales records that its predecessor, the PlayStation 4, took months to achieve. (Read: PlayStation 5 pre-orders in the first 12 hours beat PlayStation 4’s first 12 weeks of sales)

Speaking of pre-orders, as of press time, Sony had yet to drop any details of whether or not eager gamers in the Philippines (and other SEA countries) would be able to pre-order the console.

In addition, Sony has also yet to announce whether the PlayStation 5’s release in the country would be subject to the same digital order only restriction that its global launch is subject to.

That said, the postings from local retailers such as DataBlitz and i.TECH may hint that they will have units available on launch day.

Other details yet to be revealed by either Sony or retailers include the pricing of the cheaper digital edition – if it even is coming to the country. Details on these and more are likely to be revealed in the coming weeks.


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