PlayStation 5 Pro reportedly in development

Sony will reportedly release a PlayStation 5 Pro sometime next year. This is according to a report from a known source that previously stated one wouldn’t be made.

The report comes from Inside Gaming‘s Tom Henderson. The latter previously reported that Sony was not looking to release a “Pro” version of its PlayStation 5 console, instead focusing on a revised “Slim” version of the console with a detachable disc drive. (Read: Rumored PS5 Slim won’t have upgraded hardware)

However, the company has apparently changed course.

According to Henderson’s source, the updated PlayStation 5 Slim with a detachable disc drive is “just the beginning of new hardware coming to PlayStation users this generation.”

In regards to the specs of the PlayStation 5 Pro, a recently-published patent by PlayStation architect Mark Cerny hints that Sony is looking to further enhance the ray-tracing performance in video games.

As for when the PlayStation 5 Pro, or even just the PlayStation 5 Slim with a detachable disc drive, will be revealed, there’s a chance the company might do this before this year’s E3 trade show. During an episode of the Games Mess Decides podcast, industry insider Jeff Grubb claimed that Sony was planning to host a new PlayStation Showcase before the annual tradeshow (that it isn’t attending).

Should the report be accurate, then it makes sense for Sony to announce the PlayStation 5 Pro at this time, especially if the claimed 2024 release date is real.

Of course, the question still remains of whether a PlayStation 5 Pro actually makes sense. Supplies of the current generation PlayStation 5 have just started to stabilize following microchip shortages over the past couple of years. This means many players are only now just getting their hands on the console. Announcing a PlayStation 5 Pro could hurt sales of the existing PlayStation 5 if it causes players to just wait for the updated console’s release.

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