Project PIGI is looking to help Philippine indie developers turn their dreams into reality

Several Philippine independent video game development studios are coming together with a new initiative to help jumpstart local video games development. Called, Project PIGI—short for the Philippine Indie Games Initiative—the new effort looks to give a boost to local video game developers.

Project PIGI is the brainchild of Ranida Games, Squeaky Wheel, and YangYang Mobile, all established local independent game studios. The initiative invites Filipino developers to submit their game prototypes for a chance to pitch to local and international audiences. (Read: How Ranida Games is fighting hard for Bayani’s release)

“We’re united in the belief that creating and propagating Philippine-made game IP will cement the status of the Philippines as a player in the game development industry,” states the group in their announcement on Facebook. “Our goal is to help Filipino game developers level up and make their dream games a reality.”

From August to January 2022, Project PIGI will be hosting monthly game dev panels to help aspiring developers. Following this, from January to March 2022, 10 finalists will be selected and mentored before the final pitch in April 2022.

More information is available on the Project PIGI website. Interested developers can register at this link.

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