Reports say iPhone 13 will feature 1 TB storage

Think your phone’s storage is enough for you? If the rumor mill is true, Apple’s next iPhone might make you reconsider. According to 9to5Mac, a new report from analysts at Wedbush revealed plans for a new iPhone 13 with a 1 terabyte storage option. Currently, only the iPad Pro has this amount of storage. In comparison, the highest the iPhone goes up to, in terms of storage, is 512 GB with the iPhone 12 Pro.

This isn’t the first time that rumors of a new iPhone with 1 TB storage came out: In January, Front Page Tech reported that the new iPhone 13 lineup will potentially include a 1 TB phone. But even if it does release a 1 TB iPhone, it definitely isn’t the first to do so. To note, Samsung already has been selling 1 TB phones for almost two years, starting with the Galaxy S10 series, and Asus already released the ROG Phone II Ultimate Edition at the same time. (Read: Leak hints that Apple is working on a foldable iPhone)

It’s worth noting at this point aside from being released this autumn, not a lot is known about the new iPhone 13 lineup. The only persistent rumors about the new phones are that these will have a 120Hz high-refresh-rate and Touch ID installed.

Industry observers are positive that Apple can pull off something like an iPhone with a 1 TB feature—given its strong iPhone sales, which experts believe will continue this year in the post-pandemic “reopening environment,” where COVID-19 vaccines are rolling out in many areas of the world. If we’re just looking at Apple’s $110 billion blowout, it’s safe to say that revenues from iPhone 12 sales will be enough to stem the tide until the iPhone 13 goes on sale later this year. In fact, experts are predicting sales of 60 million iPhone 11 units this month alone, and around 40 million for the next quarter.

This is a developing story. We’ll update this to reflect updates to the new iPhone.

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