RTX 3080 Ti accidentally confirmed by Asus

Since its September launch, NVIDIA’s RTX 30 series has raised the bar for the GPU market and its rivals at AMD. Months later and leaks have finally confirmed rumors of the next SKUs under the 30 series: RTX 3080Ti.

Prominent leaker, HXL or @955pro on Twitter, showed both RTX 3080TI-O20G-Gaming and RTX 3080TI-20G-Gaming and its RTX 3060 variants, which, according to the leaked screenshot, are part of the supported graphics card and services from Asus.

The reveal confirms older rumors reported by PCGamersN on September, which detail an RTX 3080 “getting a 20GB upgrade” and that has massive performance improvement over its Titanium (Ti) predecessors. As the report suggests, the “O20G” and “O12G” variations, as indicated in the leak, are “presumably factory overclocked OC Editions” that run rampant on Asus.

Gigabyte, on the other hand, has also confirmed that the said SKUs are well underway. The EEC listing unveiled 13 Gigabyte RTX 3080 Ti 20GB models and 6 Gigabyte RTX 3060 12GB models.

Gigabyte’s RTX 3080 Ti 20 GB models:

  • GV-N308TAORUS X-20GD
  • GV-N308TAORUS M-20GD
  • GV-N308TTURBO-20GD
  • GV-N308TAORUS-20GD
  • GV-N308TEAGLE-20GD

Gigabyte’s RTX 3060 12 GB models:

  • GV-N3060GAMING OC-12GD
  • GV-N3060EAGLE OC-12GD
  • GV-N3060EAGLE-12GD
  • GV-N3060VISION OC-12GD
  • GV-N3060VISION-12GD
  • GV-N3060GAMING-12GD

In terms of performance, leaks also suggest that the 3080 Ti will fall right in between the 3080 and 3090 memory-wise. Currently, the RTX 3080 sits well at 10GB of GDDR6X RAM, while RTX 3090 holds 24GB. According to leaks, 3080 Ti will feature 20GB of VRAM.

Apart from the RTX 3080 Ti, leaks have also confirmed the existence of NVIDIA RTX 3060, which is set to directly compete with AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT, which also features a 12GB VRAM. The card offers 12GB of VRAM, which is 4GB more than RTX 3070 and 2GB more than the RTX 3080.

Price and release date are also up in the air. According to Igorslab, a possibility of a Chinese New Year release (February 11-17) seems unlikely. His sources suggest that a late-February launch or even by the end of February is set for an RTX 3080 Ti release if it pushes through.

While supplies of the current 30 series GPUs remain bleak, the new line of the RTX cards might help ease out the demand for NVIDIA’s latest line of GPU by further expanding the 30 series. The demand for the sought-after RTX 3070, RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 will, in theory, ease up once the RTX 3060 and RTX 3080 Ti take their place on retailers.

As of this writing, no official word has come out and no hints have been officially revealed for NVIDIA’s next graphics cards. Although now might be a great time to hold off the upgrade and wait for NVIDIA’s grand reveal, which can save users a couple hundred bucks with the right timing and purchase.

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