Rumored PS5 Slim won’t have upgraded hardware

The oft-rumored PS5 Slim that Sony will supposedly release later this year will not come with any hardware upgrades. This is according to the latest reports from insiders.

The report comes from Inside Gaming, which has frequently discussed upgrades and changes to the PlayStation 5’s hardware. According to the report, the upcoming hardware revision of the PlayStation 5 will not see any major hardware changes from the current version of the console—in other words, it won’t be a mid-generation upgrade like the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Beyond that, the report also doubles down on previous reports that the new version, codenamed the “D chassis”—current production PS5s are built on the A, B and C chassis—will feature a detachable disc drive. (Read: Sony possibly teasing new PS5 model for next year)

The detachable disc drive will supposedly attach to the new PS5 model without looking external. The detachable drive would also allow the new PlayStation 5 model to be much slimmer than the existing one, hence the nickname “PS5 Slim.” Whether or not that will be what the new model is called is currently unknown.

The fact that the new drive seamlessly attaches to the new PS5 model may bring one disadvantage to owners of the existing PlayStation 5 Digital Edition of the console. The report states that the detachable drive will not be compatible with the latter.

This may come as a disappointment for owners of the Digital Edition, especially those who had to settle for it when shortages affected the supply of PlayStation 5 consoles, including the more expensive version with a disc drive. These owners may have been hoping that Sony would offer an external disc drive at a later date.

As for when the new PlayStation 5 with a detachable drive will hit stores. The report states that production will begin in April with the console itself set to arrive in September. When it does so, it will be sold both in a bundle with the drive on its own. The detachable drive itself will also apparently be made available for purchase.

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