Sony motion-sensing music controller being crowdfunded on Indiegogo

Ever heard of playing from the heart? Well, with this nifty gadget, you’re one step closer to that. A new Sony product is getting released on Indiegogo, and it’s called the Motion Sonic. According to the product website, Sony’s new gadget is a motion-sensing effects gear that alters the way sound is played. The best part? It’s based entirely on the way you move. You can wear this cool, new device on your hand or wrist, and it’s designed to elevate the way you experience music.

According to the website, the Motion Sonic “gives you a new music experience that makes sounds become a part of your body. Just let your body flow along with your emotion, it allows you to alter the sound in sync with the physical movement of your body. Now, musical performance is more instinctive, expressive, and creative.”

If you want to know what the Sony motion-sensing music controller looks like, just picture your standard smartwatch. The Motion Sonic is a tiny, capsule-like gadget that can be fitted into a rubber wristband. It also comes with another strap that you can attach to the back of your hand. The use case depends on the instrument you’ll be playing—the wrist strap is for playing guitar, while the back strap is for playing keys or similar instruments.

The way the Motion Sonic works is simple: it allows you to correlate your movement to the way your music plays. When you flick your wrist or move your finger, you can add musical effects to your sounds. The Motion Sonic will have sensors and microphones to pick up audio, which will capture data and correlate it with the way your body moves, which you can use to manipulate your audio files. The corresponding track will then be uploaded on an iOS app, which you can access using your iPhone.

However, if you recall, this isn’t the first time that Sony’s announced this project. Back in 2017, Sony discussed the Motion Sonic at the SXSW. Shortly after the event, the tech brand also released an interview with engineer Hee-soon Kim, who was part of the team that thought up the device. In the interview, Engineer Kim detailed the device’s intended capabilities and talked about how it’s already in the works. However, the design of the Sony motion-sensing music controller on Indiegogo looks much sleeker and more sophisticated than its 2017 design, which looked large and clunky.

If you head on over to Indiegogo and check out the product’s crowdfunding page, you’ll see that Engineer Kim is spearheading this year’s Motion Sonic project. Kim says, “I believe we can create new entertainment never seen before with Motion Sonic and I’m so excited to create a new culture with you!”

The Motion Sonic, once it comes to fruition, will certainly elevate the way we experience music. Now that a lot of live events, concerts included, have been reduced to the online space because of the pandemic, the Motion Sonic could help artists make their music while still socially distancing.

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