Spotify home screen revamp coming to desktop

Earlier in March, Spotify announced the revamp of its mobile interface. It seems that the music-sharing platform will be giving the Spotify home screen for desktops a fresh, new look as well.

If you are fond of listening to music while you work, Spotify’s future desktop update will certainly excite you. The current Spotify home screen has been dubbed as overwhelming and too cluttered by many of its users, but the new update will address those issues and provide users with a more streamlined desktop experience.

In late March, Spotify announced that its desktop and web app will adopt similar features to its mobile app. Compared to Spotify’s desktop interface, the mobile app is cleaner and more streamlined. But after conducting “months of tests and research”, it seems that the new desktop update is finally ready and will be rolled out to Spotify’s loyal customers very soon.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the new features that Spotify’s home screen update will include, shall we?

First off, the music-streaming service will be updating its playlist controls by allowing users to write down descriptions and put in pictures to better identify their playlists. The company will also be adding in a new search bar to make it easier for users to find podcast episodes and music. On top of these, Spotify will be adding a new drop-down menu on the Spotify home screen to make it easier for listeners to go through and organize their content. (Read: Make Spotify your default music app with iOS 14.5)

But perhaps our favorite change is that Spotify will be adding a record of a user’s “recently played” songs and podcast episodes and allow listeners to modify their queue accordingly. Gone are the days of Googling song lyrics to find out what song they belong to.

Spotify will also be putting a new search bar on the left side of the desktop’s navigation page, and users will be able to more easily navigate the app and find their favorite songs and artists by clicking on the “…” button.

In addition, those who are subscribed to Spotify Premium will be able to download their favorite playlists to listen to while not connected to the Internet, similar to what can be done on the Spotify mobile app. Users would simply need to click on the Spotify home screen’s new and improved download button to trigger the feature.

This revamp is in line with Spotify’s effort to consistently innovate and make its product more user-friendly to listeners across the globe. The new updates to the Spotify home screen began rolling out to subscribers of both free and premium Spotify accounts in late March, and it will soon be available to all users of the app.

Spotify took to Twitter and the company blog to announce its latest update to its users. According to Spotify, “Ultimately, we’re making this change because we believe in the future of both platforms, and we want to make sure it can continue to serve the needs of our users now and in the future.”

Check out Spotify on your computer to see if you can already access all of its cool, new features.

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