Spotify is shutting down Car View and other in-car features

Two years since it introduced the feature, music streaming giant Spotify is surprisingly shutting down its Car View and other in-car features.

Now, automobile drivers who listen to music through the app as their way of eliminating boredom whilst stuck in traffic need to find alternative ways to shuffle to their preferred songs without keeping their hands off the steering wheel.

Just last October, one of Spotify’s moderators, Ver, posted on their community forum that the music streaming app giant will cease to offer the Car View feature. This comes after a casual listener from New Zealand, going by the Twitter handle @jordypeatpeat raised a question about the disappearance of the “Car Mode” option located in the settings. 

According to the moderator, the in-car feature, which was introduced in 2019 to give drivers much ease in playing their favorite songs because of its bigger buttons and font sizes, and simpler interface to block out distractions while driving, will be “retired” after two years in the service.

“We can confirm that we’re retiring the car view feature,” Ver announced in the post. “This however doesn’t mean we don’t want to improve on how our users listen to Spotify while driving,” she added. 

In the same thread, another moderator with the username Alex also announced that the company is also retiring the Now Playing View for Android to make way for other innovations.  (Read: Adele requested Spotify remove Shuffle from 30)

Subscribers of the app though did not like one bit of the immediate move by Spotify, claiming that the company is stooping to a level where it is unsafe for drivers to use. 

Some also claimed that such action is just their way of persuading users to avail of the Car Thing, an upcoming expensive smart feature that is only up for pre-order as of the moment and can only be accessed when subscribed to Premium. 

Nevertheless, to appease disappointed users who benefited from the safety Car View offers though, Ver assured in her post that the streaming company is already on its way to developing more new and improved replacements.

“On the contrary, we’re actively exploring a variety of new ways to deliver the best in-car listening experience,” she assured. “Think of retiring car-view as something that needs to happen in an effort to make way for new innovations coming down the track,” she reiterated.

She also suggested that subscribers instead use Google Assistant to control the music hands-free with the simple “Hey, Google” command.

In the meantime, without any improvements, users are forced to find other ways to enjoy music through the app without breaking any traffic rules or causing accidents by searching songs while stepping on the pedal, or a much simpler solution: find other streaming applications.

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