Street Fighter 6 release date leaked [UPDATE: Confirmed!]

Fighting game fans eagerly waiting for Street Fighter 6 may now know when Capcom’s next big fighter will arrive. It seems that the PlayStation Store inadvertently leaked the Street Fighter 6 release date on the system.

According to a series of tweets by Twitter user BestBrosPlay, entries for Street Fighter 6 pre-order bundles appeared on the PlayStation Store on PlayStation 4. The entries—which were for pre-ordering the game—listed the date for when the game would release: June 2, 2023.

The date is a bit surprising for Street Fighter players. Capcom historically releases mainline Street Fighter titles in February. This usually gives the competitive scene enough time to learn the game in preparation for big tournaments such as Combo Breaker and Evo.

The Street Fighter 6 release date being later in the year may reflect Capcom’s intentions to not repeat their missteps with the previous title, Street Fighter V. With the latter, Capcom released a game that was missing a number of key features, such as arcade and story mode, during its traditional February release window. These features were instead added via content updates months after release. (Read: 6 things we’d like to see in Street Fighter 6)

In addition, while the main Evo tournament used to take place in late July, it has since settled into an August slot in recent years. This should allow players enough time to get ready for the tournament, while also allowing Street Fighter V to get a big send-off at Evo Japan in March (and possibly Combo Breaker in May).

As for the bundles themselves, the listings confirm that Street Fighter 6 will come in Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate Editions. Standard Edition comes with the base game, one extra costume and color (outfit 1 and color 10) for six of the launch characters as well as special titles and stickers players can use.

Things get more interesting with the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions. The Deluxe Edition comes with the same goodies as the Standard Edition plus a “Year 1 Character Pass” for the first season of DLC characters—hinted to include Akuma and Rashid, based on previous leaks.

The Ultimate Edition, on the other hand, instead comes with a “Year 1 Ultimate Pass.” This seems to hint that the game will come with more paid DLC goodies beyond characters—most likely including character outfits, based on previous games.

As for pricing, how much each bundle would cost was not shown in the tweets. In addition, the listings themselves seem to have been pulled from the PlayStation Store (at least on PlayStation 5) as of reporting time.

That said, the timing of the leak may hint that an announcement is imminent, especially with the Game Awards taking place tomorrow (or tonight for readers in the Western Hemisphere).

Update: Capcom has confirmed the date with a new trailer that dropped during the Game Awards. In addition, the trailer shows newcomers Manon, Marisa and JP, as well as series veteran Dee Jay, in-game for the first time, as well as a new 2-on2 versus mode. You can watch the trailer below.

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