The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trailer answers questions and raises even more about the FFVII Remake sequel

After keeping mum on the game for the past few months, Square Enix finally dropped the first Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trailer, giving players their first look at the Final Fantasy VII Remake sequel.

The new trailer for the Final Fantasy VII Remake sequel wastes none of its short runtime, immediately answering players’ questions while also raising new ones. And yes, we need to put up a warning for those who have yet to play FFVII Remake. (Read: Final Fantasy XVI finally has a release window)

The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trailer starts with Aerith talking about how the past cannot be changed, but how the future still can. Then, after a bit of talk with Cloud on big bad Sephiroth’s plans, the two then discuss how Aerith may have died before—directly referencing one of the most memorable moments from the original Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation.

This seems to confirm the long-held theory that the FFVII Remake series is taking place not just in an alternate timeline, but in one that’s being affected by the events of the original.

The succeeding lines of dialogue lean into this further, with Cloud apologizing and saying that he feels like he failed Aerith. This seems to be yet another callback, not just to her death in FFVII, but to the plans she set in motion with her sacrifice.

With all this in the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trailer, it seems that Square Enix is hinting that the game will not be retreading as much of the original as FFVII Remake. Instead, it seems to promise a new take on the story while still linking to the much-loved original.

Of course, this is just speculation based on a short trailer—which you can see below. For more details, fans will have to wait for whatever crumbs of information Square Enix chooses to release before the game finally releases in the winter of 2023.

In the meantime, Square Enix has more Final Fantasy VII content to keep fans sated, the company also dropped a trailer for its upcoming remaster of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, titled Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. The game, which finally brings the PlayStation Portable classic to modern hardware, arrives this winter on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and Switch.

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