TikTok logins will soon work on other apps

Early in May, TikTok revealed two upcoming new features into the app: the TikTok Sound Kit and the TikTok Login Kit. The Sound Kit will allow users to share audio into TikTok, while the Login Kit will allow users to log in to other apps through TikTok.

Developers may apply to be able to use the new SDKs (software development kit) to feature more TikTok content across other platforms. Now, apps, users, and developers are slightly concerned that the TikTok Login Kit may open users to a whole new slew of privacy concerns, but TikTok’s team assures users that their data will be kept secure.

You may be familiar with some of the basic features of the TikTok Login Kit. Other social networking platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter allow cross-platform login, having already integrated to speed up users’ login process. TikTok’s developers say that the TikTok Login Kit will allow users of the platform to securely log in to their other apps while allowing the developers to showcase TikTok content on those apps.

TikTok will also require users to permit any app they will use to see the contents of their public profile. These apps will also be able to view their content on TikTok. However, according to TikTok’s developers, no other information will be shared—at least for the time being. (Read: The US won’t ban TikTok after all)

Currently, there are quite a few apps that have already adopted the TikTok Login Kit. Snack, a video dating app, allows users across the platform to cross-post their TikTok videos on their profiles to get new matches. Burpple, a review app based in Singapore, allows users to share their dining experiences and food reviews with other users both in-app and on TikTok.

Early adopters of the TikTok Login Kit also include the anti-anxiety app Breathwrk, dating apps Swipehouse and Lolly, gaming videos app Allstar, and content creation app Streamlabs. Like Snack and Burpple, users can cross-post their TikTok content and log in to their desired apps seamlessly to build their individual profiles.

TikTok’s other new SDK, Sound Kit, will allow creators across the platform to integrate their original music into TikTok from third-party music-sharing apps. This SDK would need to work hand-in-hand with the TikTok Login Kit to work, and it will help the app to veer away from licensing music from major music labels. TikTok will adopt the licensing rights of the third-party app that the sound originally came from to protect its users from copyright issues, and it will help smaller creators and artists expand the reach of their music.

This is an effort to make social media more well-rounded, and improve user experience across all platforms. TikTok has taken the social media world by storm, and it’s the fastest growing social platform to date. Login integration with other apps will help smaller apps tap into TikTok’s market, while TikTok would also be able to benefit from its content reaching people who have not downloaded TikTok yet.

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