Twitter to give more details about verification

If you have a Twitter account, you’d know how tantalizing getting a blue check is. The blue check on Twitter means that you’re verified, showing people across the app that you are who you say you are and that your words, or in this case, Tweets, resonate with the millions who use Twitter on a daily basis.

Having that tiny, blue check next to your name on Twitter makes you feel important, official, and, perhaps the best effect of the bunch, heard. That’s why it’s no surprise that a lot of users would want to apply for Twitter verification, only to be disappointed when they aren’t given one by the app’s moderators.

So, what does it take for Twitter to give you that coveted blue check? Well, the company itself plans to release a list of verification details to help users see whether they qualify for it or not, and it’s launched a new system to let users know why they missed the mark.

Before this year, Twitter simply sent out standardized emails telling users that they didn’t make the cut. Now, as mentioned, Twitter plans to give users a more in-depth explanation of why that was the case, and they will be adding additional context to rejection emails in the future. (Read: Twitter mulling subscription model to raise revenues)

This is what Twitter had to say: “We’ve heard your feedback that we can be more clear on why an application didn’t get approved. Decision emails will now give more context on why requests don’t meet our criteria.” Twitter had relaunched its public verification process back in May for users to submit their verification requests, but the feature didn’t last long. The social media giant put it on hold when it experienced a massive flood of verification requests from Twitter users all over the world.

On the down low, Twitter had been opening up its verification process to identities, organizations, brands, and companies that they think deserve the blue check. The mystery surrounding what it took to get verification added to the exclusivity of the blue check, but Twitter plans to amend that by giving everyone the option to apply for it soon. The social media giant just needs a little more time to develop its system and implement standards and guidelines so as to not overwhelm the Twitter team. Twitter also aims to make the entire process smoother and more transparent so that Twitter users know what they need to work on to get verified.

B. Byrne, Twitter’s product lead of verification, had this to say about the Twitter verification details: “[We] know that generic rejection emails were confusing and frustrating for folks, so getting more specific information into the emails about verification decisions has been a top priority for our team.” Hopefully, the guidelines that Twitter will be implementing will encourage users on the app to continually build and grow their platform.

For now, we can just keep working on our content and hope that someday, Twitter deems us worthy of receiving a blue check.

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Misha Fabian

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