United partners with Boom to provide supersonic travel

The world is a wondrous place with many places for us to visit and explore. However, traveling around it is one of the most tedious and time-consuming things that we do. Whether we have to head out to work or take a vacation abroad, traveling takes a lot of time out of our days. Now, what if I told you that soon, supersonic travel will be very possible? What if you could travel at the speed of sound?

“United,” “supersonic,” and “air travel” are four words you probably don’t expect to see in the same sentence. However, with United Airlines’ newest initiative, you could expect flying from place to place to become so much faster and even more efficient. The American airline giant is partnering up with Boom Supersonic and is planning to purchase 15 of the company’s “Overture” aircraft. In its agreement with Boom Supersonic, United Airlines will be incorporating the ultra-fast travel jets into its passenger airliner fleet and is hoping to transport people on them within the next decade.

However, before United Airlines can add the aircraft to its roster of commercial planes, they need to pass through a series of safety checks. They also need to tick off the boxes needed to be operationally sound and environmentally sustainable. If all goes well, United will be purchasing another 35 Overture aircraft to add to its fleet. While no financial details about the deal were disclosed, Mike Leskinen, the head of corporate development for United Airlines, confirmed that they have already transferred money to Boom Supersonic to get their partnership underway.

However, while that is the case, Leskinen says that United’s request for the 15 aircraft isn’t a “firm order.” The agreement between United Airlines and Boom Supersonic has specific goals in place, which Boom would need to deliver on for their partnership to work out. According to Leskinen, the two companies have established a timeline spanning years to work out the finer details of their partnership and develop the aircraft to be fit for commercial use. United and Boom will be working closely together to get things done, so it’s only a matter of time before we see the results of their partnership.

Once fully operational, the Overture aircraft will be able to fly at Mach 1.7—1.7 times the speed of sound—and it’s expected to be the first commercial plane engineered to operate on 100% sustainable aviation fuel. The heightened speed of the aircraft will be able to effectively cut travel time in half. Boom is also planning to add in features like in-seat screens, larger legroom, and contactless technology to make flying more convenient.

United projects that Overture will be flight-ready by 2026 and will be available commercially by 2029. This partnership is part of United Airlines’ goal to innovate and develop sustainable air travel. As per United’s CEO, Scott Kirby, “Our mission has always been about connecting people, and now working with Boom, we’ll be able to do that on an even greater scale.”

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