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Epic Games takes on Apple, while scientists rename genes to prevent Excel errors—here’s the week at Variable.

Good morning, everyone!

This is the first issue of the “Weekly Walkthrough,” a bite-sized recap of last week’s stories and what we’ll be working on this week.

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Prepare for an epic showdown

On Thursday, Apple and Google kicked Fornite out of their app for violating their guidelines. It turns out, Epic Games (the maker of Fortnite) was so ready for them.

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You’ve got to watch Fortnite’s take on Apple’s iconic 1984 commercial.

THIS WEEK: It’s not over, since Epic Games is taking Apple and Google to court.

Scientists rename genes because Excel is confusing

To note, this isn’t a dig at Microsoft Excel. If at all, it just means that we should be even better at it. But for geneticists, they found that just renaming 27 genes was a better option than having to learn auto-formatting.

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Show this to your mom: A new study says video games are actually good for you.

COVID-19 is still a thing, so please, mask up—even if it makes opening your phones nearly impossible.

What we’re reading

Ralph: If you have time, you’ve got to read this New York Times story on corporate kidnapping. It’s gripping, to say the least.

Franz: Ghost of Tsushima claims to pay homage to the works of Akira Kurosawa, but Polygon asks if it really does so without acknowledging the man’s politics as well as Japan’s?

What’s Variable this week

  • Look forward to butts. Yes, we said it.
  • We’re still covering TikTok and its U.S. woes.
  • The same goes for Epic Games and Apple.

That’s all we have for you. See you next week!


P.S. Yes, the cover image is a stock photo, so don’t rip on us. We’ll have a spanking masthead for this feature next week.


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