Zoom launches a new events platform

When the coronavirus pandemic broke out, people all over the world were forced to adapt to new normal conditions. Offices, schools, and other establishments have resorted to facilitating their work through online methods, one of which is via Zoom. If you’re still in school or are part of the workforce, it’s very likely that you’ve had to use Zoom to conduct and participate in meetings.

However, while Zoom was initially designed to conduct professional meetings, it’s now being used for other purposes. The video conferencing platform has been an essential part of many virtual social gatherings over the last year. Weddings, birthdays, christenings, and many other milestones were celebrated through Zoom video calls in place of physical presence.

One of the hardest-hit industries during the coronavirus pandemic was the events industry. Now, over a year into the pandemic, people are still not allowed to gather in large groups. Zoom saw this as an opportunity to add a new product to its roster. It announced a new events platform where users can create their own events. Zoom developed this platform to cater to those who wish to use it for virtual gatherings. (Read: What the Sony Discord partnership means for gamers)

Zoom experienced a boost in revenue in 2020 because of the sudden rise of users on the platform, which is nothing short of miraculous considering how many businesses struggled and are still struggling under the pressures of the pandemic. This new Zoom events platform is another avenue for the company to gain revenue as it will be offering its services for a fee. Zoom currently offers its services for free but at a limited capacity. Consumers can choose to purchase a premium account to unlock its extra features.

The events platform, named Zoom Events, will offer its paying subscribers a variety of tools to facilitate online events. Users can list their events on the platform, and they also can gain revenue through an in-app ticketing portal. Zoom Events hopes to be an all-around virtual events platform that can service companies and individuals alike for all of their events-related needs.

Zoom Events looks similar to Facebook’s Facebook Events, serving as a meeting place for all sorts of affairs. Like its Facebook counterpart, Zoom Events will give users the option to add their events to a public directory to increase their reach and attract potential attendees. Additionally, users will have access to their event statistics, so they can see how many people attended, registered, or bought tickets to their events.

With the growth of rival companies such as Microsoft (MS Teams) and Google (Google Meet), it’s no surprise that Zoom continually tries to innovate and develop its product to cater to its customers’ needs. Virtual events tend to be more cost-effective and convenient than in-person events, so it’s highly likely that we’ll still be seeing many virtual events happening even after the pandemic. This is a wise move on Zoom’s part, and its new events platform may solidify its position as the leading video conferencing platform on the market.

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