Online men’s health startup GoRocky secures pre-seed funding

Pioneering online men’s health startup GoRocky announced that it successfully completed its pre-seed funding campaign. The round was led by key investors including reputable investors and tech leaders from the Philippines and Germany, including Buko Ventures, IdeaSpace Investments, Pulse 63 and Kaya Founders.

Founded in 2023, GoRocky uses its online platform to provide affordable, accessible and discreet treatments for men’s conditions. It started by helping men with erectile dysfunction, giving them access to confidential assessments, doctor prescriptions and discreet medical deliveries, using its platform to provide its customers with the discretion and privacy necessary for dealing with an issue that’s still stigmatized in the Philippines.

“Many men suffer in silence from stigmatized conditions. They often avoid the issue, do not talk to their closest ones and would not dare to talk to a doctor in person. We try to help men cross that bridge,” stated co-founder and CEO Kiyanusch Braun. “GoRocky’s mission is to break the silence surrounding men’s health issues and make discreet, effective treatments readily accessible to all.

“Our focus on destigmatizing these health conditions is at the core of GoRocky’s mission,” added co-founder and CCO Joaqui Palaña. “We believe that by providing accessible and discreet solutions, we are able to help men prioritize their health and well-being so they can be the best version of themselves.”

Beyond erectile dysfunction, GoRocky is planning to offer treatments for hair loss, skincare and mental health issues using the capital raised through the pre-seed funding. The company’s founders eventually envision it becoming the number one men’s health provider not just in the Philippines, but in Southeast Asia as well.

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