How to share PS5 captures to Twitter (and other services) using the PS App

Sony is removing the ability to share game captures from PlayStation 5 to X, formerly known as Twitter, likely due to the latter’s increased pricing for API access. That said, users can still share PS5 captures to the former Twitter using the PS App.

The ability to share game captures, including both video and screenshots, to social media was one of the big features Sony added to PlayStation 4 and carried over to PS5. Of these, the ability to share to Twitter, now known as X, was arguably the most useful with the platform’s easy-to-share nature allowing shared clips and screenshots to reach a wide audience.

In particular, many competitive gaming communities used the feature to quickly share strategies and tactics. Competitive fighting game players were even known to create specific hashtags for sharing newly discovered strats for specific characters.

While Sony’s understandable decision to remove the feature, following X now charging more for API access, prevents players from sharing PS5 captures directly to Twitter, they can still do so using the PS App.

How to share PS5 Captures to the PS App

To clarify, sharing to the former Twitter, or any other social service, using the PS App only works for PS5. PS4 owners, sadly, are out of luck, at least until Sony decides to add the feature to the console.

That said, for any PS5 owners, all you need to do is install the PS App on your Android or iOS device and sign in. Once you’re signed in, it only takes a couple of steps to activate the feature.

To enable capture sharing, simply select Library (the button to the right of the PS Store button) and then click on Captures. Doing so will ask you if you want to enable the feature.

After this, the PS App will tell you that captures have been enabled, allowing you to share any captures you make on your PS5

Once Captures are enabled you can simply navigate to any captured screenshot or video (including videos edited in ShareFactory), press Options, then select the Upload to PlayStation App option.

Of course, this isn’t the only way to share captures from your PS5 to the PS App. You can also enable automatic uploads to the app from the console.

Normally, simply navigating to the Media Gallery when you first enable the feature will have the console ask you if you want to turn the automatic uploads on. However, if the prompt doesn’t appear, you can simply navigate to Settings, then Captures and Broadcasts, then finally to Captures where you can turn Auto-Upload on or off.

Take note, however, that even with Auto-Upload on, you will have to keep your PS5 in Standby Mode for captures to be uploaded. In addition, any uploaded captures will only remain on the PS App for 14 days, after which they’ll be removed from the app (but not from your console).

Sharing to Twitter or other Social Media sites

Once your Capture is on your PS App, you’ll still have to download it to your phone before you can share it.  To do this, navigate to Captures in the PS App, then long press on the capture you want to share to bring up the share menu.

When this menu pops up, simply select Download to save the capture to your device. Take note that while there is a Share option, this only allows for sharing with your friends on the PlayStation Network. In addition, you can also use Select Multiple to pick multiple captures for saving to your device.

Once you’ve saved your selected capture, you can then upload it to Twitter or any other social media service like you would a normal photo or video.

With this, you should once again be able to share your PS5 captures to the site formerly known as Twitter, or even to one of its many upcoming competitors, such as BlueSky or Threads. (Read: Threads has the best chance to replace Twitter, but missing features could derail it)

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